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M sleeveless, pedicures are part of the fingers and the skin appendages differentiate into keratin. Nails not only have the function of protecting the fingers from the force of impact on the hands and feet during living and working.

Nails also help pick up small objects and contribute to aesthetics, especially for women. Therefore, nail care is not only important for healthy, shiny nails, but also helps prevent infections such as nail fungus. Through this article, YouMed will share with you simple but extremely effective nail care tips.

1. Trim nails neatly nail
Many of you have a hobby of long nails. When the nails are too long, there will be a number of problems such as nails that are easy to break and hurt yourself. In addition, long nails that are not regularly cleaned can become nail germs that contain many bacteria and cause disease.
Therefore, we should trim our nails neatly when the nails are too long so that our hands and feet are always clean and beautiful.
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2. Nail protection
Tips to protect and care for nails include:

You should wear gloves when gardening and taking care of plants because nails are easy to be damaged when working. In addition, sandy soil and bacteria attached to the nail can cause infection.
Those who regularly come into contact with detergents and chemicals should also wear specialized rubber gloves to avoid weakening nails and making them easy to break.
Limit the use of nails to open the soft drink cap or press the phone so as not to injure the nail and make the nail tip weak, scratched.
Do not bite your nails or peel the skin around them as this can cause pain and infection.

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3. Supplement nutrients for nails
Simple home remedies for nail care include:

Add foods that contain a lot of biotin to help nourish strong nails such as liver, eggs, cauliflower, avocado, peanuts, sweet potatoes... In addition, add to your diet calcium-fortified foods, vitamins A , C and iron for stronger and stronger nails.
You can nourish your nails with coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil or nail cream and combine nail massage during the application of the cream to increase the effect.

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